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Getting your message out there through content marketing, in whichever language you may need

Content Marketing is King, and you need content to survive in the digital world. At Salty Lavender, we create and distribute relevant, valuable, informative, and original content to engage your audience through effective content marketing.

We have an entire team of creatives spanning copywriters, designers and translators who develop content through captivating images, standout designs and eloquent texts suited to your target audience.

After all, it’s through your content that you speak to those listening, inspire those reading and drive all those engaged to take action.

Why is Content Marketing the way forwards?

Content Marketing is, in short, the bridge between your business and your audience. It’s the difference between them happening to choose your services, and there being no doubt in their minds that yours is the service that will satisfy their needs.

It’s in your content that you express your brand values, explain what makes you an expert at what you do, and create that all-important connection that makes you memorable and immediately hireable.


The Key to Content Creation is having a Voice

Many think that the key to content marketing is volume. That it’s being out there and visible, no matter what you’re saying and how you say it. But that’s just not true.

The key is simple. It’s what you’re saying, because it’s only by getting it right that you catch the attention of your target market for long enough to make them stop for a second. And that second is all it takes for them to take in what you’re saying and engage with you. In short, they’re hooked. Then you have a chance to persuade them you’re the right person for the job.

Then there’s your voice. The factor behind it all that drives everything you say. The consistency that makes you recognisable and builds trust because your audience knows where you stand and what your promise is to them.

Steps to Creating Content that Resonates

When you hire Salty Lavender to create your content, you don’t have to worry about it resonating because we do the legwork to make sure we’re speaking to your audience in a language they understand. However, there are a few things you could ask yourself to get started:

  1. Which language(s) do(es) your target market(s) speak?

Though trying to target everyone with universal content written in English is a common strategy, it might not be the most successful. This is because people tend to put that much more trust in a company when they communicate in their own language, as they can be sure they know where they stand. So, which language(s) do(es) your audience speak?

  1. Which values would you like to shine through?

If you pick out your top 3 values from the get-go, it makes it that much easier to find a voice that expresses who you are and what you do.

  1. What makes you the best at what you do?

You may think your experience and qualifications are a given, but when your clients see them nearly laid out, it builds that much more trust. Sharing success stories, for example, demonstrates how good you are at what you do and why you’re able to get things done in a way unique to you.

Questions answered? Then we’re happy to take it from there.

Ready to truly connect with your potential audience through content marketing?

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