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Our Mission

Here at Salty Lavender, we have one overarching mission:

To be the go-to provider of digital services of all shapes and kinds for all our handpicked clients, whose values align with our own.

Diving into outsourcing

 Outsourcing is never an easy task. It means trusting people outside your organisation to take care of things for you. When you’ve spent time building your company through your blood, sweat, and tears, it’s hard to seek out the services of other specialists. But at some point, it’s a must.

You’re an expert at what you do. And at a certain point in your business trajectory, you start to recognise that just as you specialise in your area – and your clients trust you to get the job done for them – there are others out there who specialise in others, and they could take care of some of the gaps in your knowledge.

When your values line up

 Then comes the search for the perfect person for the job. The one whose values align with yours, whatever they may be. The one you know is doing their utmost to get you where you need to go.

So what does that mean when it comes to digital marketing?

Digital marketing services

 Marketing as a whole is an entire world of knowledge. From early-day cold-calling to crafting sales emails and present-day PPC campaigns to boosts on every platform imaginable, so much goes on behind the scenes to create that one campaign that drives sales.

Now, in the digital era, that’s only multiplied. However, the apparent ease with which anyone can put together a social media post, send out an email, or run an ad has people stumbling about blindly, unsure of where they’re going… never mind how to get there.

Digital marketing is a skill. A specialisation. An area of expertise. It’s many rolled into one. From web design to SEO, UX to copywriting, not to mention crafting client stories and understanding the sales funnel, there’s simply a lot to it… so it’s crucial to have the right specialists for each job.


 Having the right specialists for the job

 Here at Salty Lavender, we recognise that. We’re not a one-man band trying to do it all because we know that would never work. Instead, we’re a collective of specialists. Each is in our area. Pulling together to provide the services each client needs, depending on their aims, is connected by the drive to achieve success for every customer, time after time.

That’s how and why we do it all. So that you don’t have to. And especially so that you know you’re in safe hands, whatever you may need.

6 Reasons why we want to share our values

  • To Build Trust: A clear and well-defined mission statement demonstrates a company’s commitment to its values and goals, which can build trust and credibility with clients.


  • To Establish Expectations: A mission statement sets expectations for clients about what they can expect from the company and its products or services. This can help manage expectations and build stronger relationships.


  • Differentiation: In a crowded marketplace, a clear mission statement can help a company stand out and differentiate itself from its competitors.


  • Guiding the Decision-Making: A company’s mission statement can serve as a guide for decision-making, helping ensure that all decisions align with the company’s values and goals.


  • Employee Engagement: Sharing a company’s mission with employees can increase their sense of purpose and engagement, which can lead to higher levels of job satisfaction and motivation.


  • Consistency: A mission statement provides a consistent message to clients and stakeholders, helping to maintain a consistent brand image and reputation.

Overall, our mission statement plays a key role in shaping our identity, aligning our actions and building strong relationships with our customers. By sharing our mission statement, we can demonstrate our commitment to excellence and build trust and credibility in the marketplace.

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